Intel EP1C20F324C8N Cyclone® FPGA: High-Performance Electronic Component
The Intel EP1C20F324C8N is a high-performance FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) designed for demanding electronic applications.
Texas Instruments SN75178BPSRG4 - RS422/RS485 1-Channel Redriver IC for Signal Transmission
The Texas Instruments SN75178BPSRG4 is an obsolete 1-channel redriver integrated circuit designed for RS422 and RS485 signal transmission applications.
Texas Instruments TLC5916IDR LED Driver: Efficient and Versatile Solution for Signage Applications
The Texas Instruments TLC5916IDR is a high-performance LED driver designed for a wide range of signage applications.
Intel EPM570F256I5N CPLD: High-Performance Programmable Logic Device
The Intel EPM570F256I5N is a cutting-edge programmable logic device designed to deliver high performance and versatility in a compact 256-BGA package.
exas Instruments TLC5916IPWR LED Linear Driver IC
he TLC5916IPWR from Texas Instruments is a highly efficient and versatile LED driver IC designed to provide precise control and management of LED lighting systems.
KSZ9563RNXI - Microchip Technology Ethernet Switch IC
The KSZ9563RNXI is a cutting-edge Ethernet switch IC manufactured by Microchip Technology. This high-performance integrated circuit is designed to meet the demands of modern networking applications
Texas Instruments ISO7740DBQR Digital Isolator - Product Overview
The Texas Instruments ISO7740DBQR is a high-performance digital isolator designed for general-purpose applications requiring reliable signal isolation.
Texas Instruments Introduces the DRV5053PAQDBZR Automotive Hall Effect Sensor with High Sensitivity and Wide Voltage Range
Texas Instruments has launched the DRV5053PAQDBZR, a high-sensitivity Hall effect sensor designed for automotive applications.
Rochester Electronics Introduces the TMP411ADR Temperature Sensor with Programmable Features and High Accuracy
Rochester Electronics, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, has released the TMP411ADR temperature sensor
Texas Instruments Introduces TPD4S214YFFR USB OTG Companion Device
Texas Instruments, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions, has announced the launch of their latest product, the TPD4S214YFFR USB OTG companion device.