MATLAB and Simulink R2022b Offers New Simscape Battery and Updates to Simplify and Automate Model-Based Design
The platform version also includes the new Medical Imaging Toolbox, which provides an end-to-end medical image analysis workflow
Chipletz Designs Smart Substrate Products with Chip and Semiconductor Metis Tools
Addressing Signal and Power Integrity Analysis Challenges in Chiplet Advanced Package Designs
NXP Launches Factory Automation Online Tech Day, Empowering Engineers to Achieve More Flexibility in Industrial Design
NXP Semiconductor, a leading manufacturer dedicated to escorting people's smarter, safer and more sustainable lives through innovation
ON Semiconductor Imaging Technology Opens a New Era of Digital Cinematography
The ALEXA 35 is ARRI's newest digital cinema camera featuring ON Semiconductor's latest CMOS sensor technology, producing industry-leading native 4.6 K, 120 frames per second (fps) image quality
Expose TSMC to acquire ASML's high-NA EUV chip maker in 2024
According to a supply chain update, TSMC is targeting mass production of its 2-nanometer (nm) semiconductor manufacturing process in 2025
Interview with Yingrui Chuang (Qingjie Electronics): Killing the hidden danger of car spontaneous combustion from the chip side
If you want to reduce the spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles, you must first understand the reasons for the spontaneous combustion in order to prescribe the right medicine.
Intel Unveils First Socketable SoC for Edge Innovation, Unlocking New Opportunities for Customers
LATEST NEWS: Intel announces the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ System-on-Chip (SoC) for the IoT Edge. A new family of purpose-built edge products optimized for IoT applications
NavInfo Liang Yongjie: The automotive chip industry chain should seize the opportunities of the times and jointly build a chip ecosystem
Pursuant to the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement, the Group and GCL Group (collectively the "Parties") intend to cooperate closely in the application of gallium nitride ("GaN") power chips
Image quality upgrade with low power consumption, low latency and low DDR bandwidth through VeriSilicon FLEXATM technology
VeriSilicon's AI-ISP technology innovatively combines the company's widely used scalable and programmable neural network processing (NPU) technology
Reaching a chip cooperation with Qualcomm, Meta's self-developed metaverse plan is accused of being unrealistic
In some respects, these moves are normal business actions, as the Quest 2 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip.