Texas Instruments SN75178BPSRG4 - RS422/RS485 1-Channel Redriver IC for Signal Transmission

By Industry News


The Texas Instruments SN75178BPSRG4 is an obsolete 1-channel redriver integrated circuit designed for RS422 and RS485 signal transmission applications. This lead-free and RoHS compliant IC is housed in an 8-SOIC package, with a width of 5.30mm, making it suitable for surface mount assembly. With a supply voltage range of 4.75V to 5.25V and an operating temperature range of 0°C to 70°C, the SN75178BPSRG4 offers reliable signal conditioning and transmission capabilities for a variety of electronic systems.

1. RS422/RS485 Redriver: The SN75178BPSRG4 is designed to redrive RS422 and RS485 signals, ensuring signal integrity and robust transmission in industrial and communication applications.
2. Obsolete Product: While the SN75178BPSRG4 is an obsolete product, it still offers reliable performance for legacy systems and designs requiring RS422/RS485 signal redriving functionality.
3. Single-Channel Design: With a single-channel configuration, the IC is suitable for applications requiring redriving of individual RS422 or RS485 signal lines.
4. Lead-Free and RoHS Compliant: The IC is lead-free and RoHS compliant, meeting environmental standards for hazardous substance restrictions.
5. Surface Mount Package: The 8-SOIC package with a width of 5.30mm allows for easy and secure mounting on PCBs, facilitating efficient assembly and space-saving designs.

1. Industrial Automation: The SN75178BPSRG4 can be used in industrial automation systems for signal redriving and conditioning in control and monitoring applications.
2. Communication Systems: It is suitable for integration into communication systems, such as telecommunication equipment and network switches, for robust signal transmission in RS422 and RS485 applications.
3. Legacy Systems: While obsolete, the IC is still applicable for legacy systems and designs requiring RS422/RS485 signal redriving functionality.
4. Test and Measurement Equipment: It can be employed in test and measurement equipment for signal conditioning and transmission in data acquisition and analysis applications.
5. Control Systems: The SN75178BPSRG4 is suitable for use in control systems, including motor control and instrumentation, for reliable signal transmission and integrity.

In summary, the Texas Instruments SN75178BPSRG4 offers reliable RS422/RS485 signal redriving capabilities in an 8-SOIC package, making it suitable for industrial automation, communication systems, legacy designs, test and measurement equipment, and control systems. Despite being an obsolete product, it still serves as a dependable solution for applications requiring robust signal transmission in RS422 and RS485 configurations.