Texas Instruments TLC5916IDR LED Driver: Efficient and Versatile Solution for Signage Applications

By Industry News

The Texas Instruments TLC5916IDR is a high-performance LED driver designed for a wide range of signage applications. This linear LED driver features a shift register topology and internal switches, providing efficient and precise control over LED outputs. With a voltage supply range of 3V to 5.5V and a current output of 120mA per channel, the TLC5916IDR offers exceptional flexibility and reliability for driving LED displays. This product is lead-free and RoHS compliant, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your designs.

1. Shift Register Topology: The TLC5916IDR utilizes a shift register topology, enabling seamless control over LED outputs and ensuring precise illumination for signage applications.

2. Internal Switches: With internal switches, this LED driver simplifies the driving of LED displays, reducing the need for external components and enhancing overall system efficiency.

3. 8-Channel Output: This LED driver provides 8 channels for driving individual LED elements, offering versatility and customization options for various signage designs.

4. Wide Voltage Supply Range: With a voltage supply range of 3V to 5.5V, the TLC5916IDR accommodates diverse power supply configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

5. High Current Output: Each channel of the TLC5916IDR is capable of delivering 120mA of current, ensuring bright and consistent illumination for LED signage.

6. RoHS Compliant: As a lead-free and RoHS compliant product, the TLC5916IDR aligns with environmental regulations and promotes sustainable design practices.

7. Surface Mount Package: The 16-SOIC package with a 0.154" (3.90mm) width offers convenient surface mount installation, simplifying the integration of the TLC5916IDR into your signage systems.

In conclusion, the Texas Instruments TLC5916IDR LED driver stands out as an efficient and versatile solution for driving LED displays in signage applications. With its shift register topology, internal switches, and 8-channel output, this product provides precise control, high performance, and environmental compliance, making it an ideal choice for your LED driver needs.