Single chip sales exceeded 10 million Meiren chip "reliability" was recognized by the market again

By Industry News

Meiren Semiconductor (Meiren Chip), a subsidiary of Midea Industrial Technology, announced that the cumulative sales volume of the MCU chip MR88F001 will exceed 10 million by October 2022. The stability and reliability of Meiren chip products have once again been recognized by customers and the market. At present, with the intelligent upgrade of home appliances in my country and the "generation Z" consumers' preference for the interconnection function of consumer appliances, the trend of intelligentization of the home appliance industry continues to accelerate, and behind the intelligence and digitization, it is inseparable from the support of home appliance chips.

Meiren Chip is committed to providing high-reliability, high-performance, and high-stability chips for home appliance companies.

As a pioneer in the field of domestic home appliance chips, Meiren Chip, which was established in 2018, is committed to providing chips with high reliability, high performance and high stable supply guarantee for home appliance companies. The single chip reached 10 million sales this time, which not only became a "milestone" for the development of Meiren chips, but also the development and promotion of subsequent products, injecting the backbone for the upgrading and iteration of my country's chip industry.

In recent years, affected by the epidemic and the complex domestic and foreign market environment, the process of localization of chips has been accelerated. In the field of home appliances, the R&D, production, promotion and application of home appliance MCUs have shown explosive growth. For example, domestic MCUs are recognized by the market for their advantages in product performance and technical services. Especially in the first half of 2022, when the home appliance MCU chip fluctuated in the market, Meiren chip still achieved a single cumulative sales volume of more than 10 million MCU chips, and the main control, touch, frequency conversion and other MCU chip products achieved batch supply to more than 30 customers, and won The market is sure. Among them, eight mass-produced products including touch application MR86F002/005, main control application MR88F001/002/005, and frequency conversion application MR82F001/82F002/82F003 not only show the strong R&D, production and technical service strength of Meiren chips, but also The overall strength and intelligent upgrade iteration of chips in my country's home appliance industry provide strong support:

The cumulative sales volume of MR88F001 single chip exceeds 10 million, which not only reflects the stable product performance of Meiren chip in a wide range of and diverse application scenarios, but also shows the strong ability of Meiren chip in supply guarantee, and is a trusted partner for home appliance customers;

The 0.9ppm failure rate leads the industry, and the Meiren chip has an industry-leading 0.9ppm (0.9 part per million) failure rate, which is far ahead of the industry level, and the strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability further improves the stability of home appliance operation;

Multi-scenario operation stability verification, Meiren chips have passed the product stability verification of mainstream manufacturers, and MCU chips have completed multi-scenario tests on home appliances, such as home air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters, kitchen appliances, as well as HVAC and buildings. And enter the stage of mass production and sales;

Strong supply chain system, with Midea's strong supply chain advantages and research and excellent manufacturing capabilities in artificial intelligence, chips, sensors, big data, cloud computing and other fields, the stability and security of Meiren chips in research and development and supply Fully guaranteed.

The cumulative sales volume of Meiren MCU chip MR88F001 exceeds 10 million

In addition to cultivating the field of home appliances, Meiren Chip is also expanding its layout in the automotive and industrial fields. With the local consumer electronics industry and the digital upgrade of various industries, the market for MCU and other chips has broad prospects. It is believed that after surpassing the "10 million" milestone of single chip sales, Meiren chips will bring more surprises to customers and the market in the fields of home appliances, automobiles and industries. With the vision of "technology drives everything", Midea's industrial technology and its Meiren chips will inject more impetus into the development and upgrading of China's chip industry with "smarter, energy-saving and reliable" products.