Renesas Electronics Now Covers All MCU and MPU Product Lines with "Renesas Ready Partner Network"

By Industry News

With the addition of support for RZ MPUs, the program now offers software components from over 200 trusted partners covering a broad range of technology

Renesas Electronics, a global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the availability of commercial-grade, performance-optimized components for its RZ product family of microprocessors (MPUs)—including 106 new partners and 160 component solutions, further expanding the " Renesas Ready Partner Network". Over the past three years, the Trusted Technology Partner Program has grown to more than 200 partners, building more than 300 products with Renesas RZ MPUs, as well as the RA, RX and RL78 microcontroller (MCU) product lines Matching ready-to-use component solutions. The Renesas Ready partner network covers 8-bit to 64-bit products and is easy to scale for customer applications.

Over the past three years, the "Renesas Ready Partner Network" has grown into a set of plug-and-play options. Combined with the advantages of Renesas products, it helps users simplify the design process and shorten the time-to-market and profitability. The solution ecosystem will continue to grow globally as more partners join.

"Renesas has built an excellent partner ecosystem for MCUs and MPUs and will continue to grow our network to make our users' lives easier," said Sailesh Chittipeddi, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the IoT and Infrastructure Business Division, Renesas Electronics. "With the addition of the Renesas RZ product family, we now have a strong global ecosystem of trusted partners across all Renesas products."

Chip Rodgers, Chief Marketing Officer of WorkSpan, a leading ecosystem business management platform, said: "With the proliferation of solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, industrial ecosystems such as the Renesas Ready Partner Network have become increasingly important. The complexity of solution design has expanded several times. , projects are also more tightly scheduled. The partner ecosystem is critical to building holistic solutions to real-world technical problems, as well as enhancing collaboration and driving success.”

Kaushal Vora and Chip Rodgers, directors of the Strategic Partnerships and Global Ecosystems Division at Renesas Electronics, will discuss the importance of ecosystems and expanding the Renesas Ready partner network on WorkSpan's "Ecosystems Aces" podcast on November 11. For more information and to listen to the podcast, visit:

The Renesas Ready Partner Network is based on pre-developed third-party software and hardware components. These "out-of-the-box" solutions leverage Renesas' MCU and MPU products to address users' real-world problems, while being revised for each major release of the Renesas software platform and tools. These components have a product-specific badge and come with easy-to-understand promotional materials and sample projects. Provides interactive, immersive content in the form of technical demonstrations, video overviews, reference designs and white papers, covering a wide range of technology areas.

About the Renesas RZ Microprocessor Product Family

The Renesas RZ product family of 32-bit and 64-bit microprocessors (MPUs) provides the solutions required by the smart society of the future. With high-performance CPU cores and a variety of accelerators and peripheral functions, engineers can easily implement high-resolution human-machine interfaces (HMIs), embedded vision, embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI), as well as real-time control and industrial Ethernet connectivity.

About Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics, technology makes life easier, and is committed to creating a safer, smarter, and sustainable future. As a global microcontroller supplier, Renesas combines expertise in embedded processing, analog, power, and connectivity to provide complete semiconductor solutions. A successful product portfolio accelerates time-to-market for automotive, industrial, infrastructure and IoT applications, empowering billions of connected smart devices to improve the way people work and live.