KSZ9563RNXI - Microchip Technology Ethernet Switch IC

By Industry News



The KSZ9563RNXI is a cutting-edge Ethernet switch IC manufactured by Microchip Technology. This high-performance integrated circuit is designed to meet the demands of modern networking applications, offering a versatile and efficient solution for data transmission and network management. With its lead-free and RoHS-compliant design, the KSZ9563RNXI represents a commitment to environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance. This IC is a key component in the realm of integrated circuits, specifically tailored for controllers and Ethernet-based systems.

1. Protocol Support: The KSZ9563RNXI supports Ethernet protocol, making it compatible with a wide range of networking applications.
2. Switch Functionality: This IC is designed to function as a switch, enabling seamless data transmission and network management.
3. Interface Flexibility: With support for MII, RMII, and RGMII interfaces, the KSZ9563RNXI offers versatile connectivity options to suit diverse system requirements.
4. Standards Compliance: The IC complies with 10/100/1000 Base-T PHY standards, ensuring reliable and high-speed network performance.
5. Voltage and Current Specifications: Operating within a voltage supply range of 3.135V to 3.465V and consuming a current of 250mA, the KSZ9563RNXI delivers efficient power utilization.
6. Temperature Range: Capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, this IC is suitable for deployment in various environmental conditions.
7. Package Design: Housed in a 64-VFQFN exposed pad package, the KSZ9563RNXI offers a compact and robust form factor for easy integration into electronic systems.
8. Quantity Availability: With a substantial quantity of 7116 units available, the KSZ9563RNXI ensures accessibility for large-scale production and deployment.

In conclusion, the KSZ9563RNXI from Microchip Technology stands as a reliable and feature-rich Ethernet switch IC, catering to the evolving needs of integrated circuits and networking solutions. Its comprehensive protocol support, flexible interface options, and adherence to industry standards make it an ideal choice for applications requiring high-performance network connectivity and management.