Infineon’s REAL3 ToF image sensor helps Zumi’s new sweeping robot W10 Pro achieve intelligent navigation and excellent obstacle avoidance

By Industry News

Dreame, a leading smart home cleaning equipment company in China, has launched a new robot vacuum cleaner, the Dreame Bot W10 Pro. The camera of this intelligent sweeping robot is equipped with the REAL3™ ToF (time-of-flight) image sensor jointly developed by Infineon Technologies AG (FSE code: IFX / OTCQX code: IFNNY) and Pai Ande (pmd) and O-Film (OMS) . ToF image sensors can bring intelligent navigation, 3D map creation and excellent obstacle avoidance to service robots, sweeping robots and mopping robots.

Christian Herzum, Vice President of 3D Sensing at Infineon Technologies, said: "Zimi's high-end sweeping robot is equipped with Infineon's advanced 3D ToF sensor technology in the camera. The image sensor is combined with Zumi's advanced environment perception technology , so that the sweeping robot can successfully identify and avoid obstacles. Infineon's advanced 3D vision engineering technology can help service robots perform deep learning in daily cleaning work and identify household items that may interfere with floor cleaning, such as wires, shoes , slippers and socks, etc.”

The new sweeping robot launched by Zinmi is equipped with a 38000-pixel camera. Infineon's 3D ToF image sensors provide more distance information for each pixel in the camera. Compared with traditional solutions such as single-pixel ToF sensors, the precision and accuracy of its 3D sensing have been significantly improved. This high resolution supports a 3D camera with a large field of view (FoV), allowing the robot to detect small objects and measure the height of furniture with high resolution. As a result, the robot can move under couches, chairs, tables or other objects without getting stuck, reducing the amount of maintenance required.

Thanks to the patented pmd SBI (Suppression of Background Illumination) technology integrated into each pixel of the camera, this sweeping robot is suitable for a variety of lighting conditions. Even in dimly lit environments, the ToF imaging image sensor can generate powerful 3D depth data to image the room. Even under the interference of factors such as strong sunlight, dim light or materials with different reflectivity, it will not affect the repeatability and accuracy of the measurement.