exas Instruments TLC5916IPWR LED Linear Driver IC

By Industry News

The TLC5916IPWR from Texas Instruments is a highly efficient and versatile LED driver IC designed to provide precise control and management of LED lighting systems. This RoHS-compliant integrated circuit offers a comprehensive solution for driving LED arrays in various applications, particularly in signage and display systems. With its lead-free status and RoHS compliance, the TLC5916IPWR represents a commitment to environmental sustainability and regulatory adherence. This active product is a key component in the realm of integrated circuits, specifically tailored for LED drivers and linear control applications.

1. Shift Register Topology: The TLC5916IPWR utilizes a shift register topology, enabling efficient and sequential control of LED outputs for precise illumination patterns.
2. Internal Switches: Equipped with internal switches, this IC simplifies the driving and control of LED arrays, enhancing overall system efficiency.
3. Multiple Outputs: With 8 outputs, the TLC5916IPWR provides ample capacity for driving and controlling multiple LEDs within a lighting system.
4. Wide Voltage Range: Operating within a voltage supply range of 3V to 5.5V, this IC offers flexibility and compatibility with diverse power supply configurations.
5. High Output Voltage and Current: Capable of delivering an output voltage of 20V and a current of 120mA per channel, the TLC5916IPWR ensures robust and reliable LED driving capabilities.
6. High Frequency Operation: With a frequency of 30MHz, this IC supports rapid and precise LED control, catering to dynamic lighting requirements.
7. Wide Operating Temperature Range: The TLC5916IPWR is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 125°C, ensuring suitability for a broad spectrum of environmental conditions.
8. Surface Mount Package: Housed in a 16-TSSOP package with a width of 4.40mm, this IC offers a compact and robust form factor for easy integration into electronic systems.
9. Quantity Availability: With a substantial quantity of 74314 units available, the TLC5916IPWR ensures accessibility for large-scale production and deployment.

In summary, the Texas Instruments TLC5916IPWR LED linear driver IC stands as a reliable and feature-rich solution for driving and controlling LED arrays in various applications, particularly in signage and display systems. Its comprehensive features, wide operating parameters, and substantial quantity availability make it an ideal choice for applications requiring precise and efficient LED illumination control.