Chipletz Designs Smart Substrate Products with Chip and Semiconductor Metis Tools

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Addressing Signal and Power Integrity Analysis Challenges in Chiplet Advanced Package Designs

Chipletz, a leader in the domestic EDA industry, recently confirmed that Chipletz, a substrate design startup developing advanced packaging technology, has used Chipletz's Metis electromagnetic field simulation EDA for Chipletz's upcoming Smart Substrate™ product design, enabling heterogeneous Integrated multi-chip package.

"The slowing Moore's Law and the pursuit of high-performance computing are ushering in the era of advanced packaging, which will surely bring urgent demand for EDA solutions for simulation of advanced packaging like chips and semiconductors," commented Bryan Black, CEO of Chipletz. And Semiconductor and its Metis electromagnetic field simulation tools provide industry-unprecedented performance advantages in simulation efficiency and memory consumption, helping us successfully address the unique challenges of signal and power integrity analysis."

"Chipletz's Smart Substrate™ products will be a powerful addition to the development engineer's toolkit for 2.5D/3DIC advanced packaging," said Dr. Ling Feng, CEO of Chip and Semiconductor. Heterogeneous integration of multiple different chips from suppliers, which is especially important for AI workloads, immersive consumer experiences, and high-performance computing markets. Chip and Semiconductor is excited to play a role in the delivery of this advanced packaging technology.”

Chip and Semiconductor Metis is a fast electromagnetic field simulation tool aimed at advanced package simulation, which provides easy integration with chip design tools and package design tools to meet the stringent requirements for capacity, accuracy and throughput in advanced package design . The three-dimensional full-wave high-precision electromagnetic simulation engine MoM Solver embedded in Metis can cover the simulation frequency of DC-THz. It provides unprecedented performance under the application precision requirements of high-speed and high-frequency in heterogeneous integration, and can perfectly support nanometer to centimeter. High-level cross-scale simulation, enabling co-simulation of bare die, interposer, and package for advanced package designs.

About Core and Semiconductor

Xinhe Semiconductor is a leading enterprise in the domestic EDA industry, providing simulation EDA solutions covering the entire industry chain from IC, packaging to system, and is committed to enabling and accelerating the design of a new generation of high-speed and high-frequency intelligent electronic products.

The EDA products and solutions with independent intellectual property rights of Xinhe Semiconductor have been continuously verified in advanced semiconductor process nodes and advanced packaging, and have been widely used in 5G, smartphones, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and data centers, etc., effectively connecting major IC design company and manufacturing company.

Xinhe Semiconductor also plays an important role in the global 5G RF front-end supply chain. It provides RF front-end filters and modules for mobile phone and IoT customers through its independent innovative IPD and system-in-package design platforms, and was selected as a global IPD by Yole Leading supplier of filters.