charging equipment supplier Wallbox fully uses Amazon cloud technology

By Industry News

A leading supplier of smart vehicle charging systems uses Amazon Cloud Technology's extensive services and reliable infrastructure to design and manufacture sustainable electric vehicle charging and energy solutions globally.

Amazon Cloud Technology announced at the 2022 re:Invent Global Conference that Wallbox, a leading provider of residential and public electric vehicle charging equipment and energy management solutions, has migrated its entire IT infrastructure to Amazon Cloud Technology, including design and manufacturing platforms, equipment and Grid management systems and client applications. Wallbox applies Amazon cloud technology's extensive and in-depth cloud services such as analysis, computing, container, database and security globally to research, develop, manufacture and deploy electric vehicle charging piles and smart charging infrastructure. Relying on Amazon cloud technology, Wallbox is developing innovative smart charging products that will help accelerate the popularization of electric vehicles and facilitate customers to return excess electricity to the grid.

Running on Amazon cloud technology enables Wallbox to increase operational efficiency, improve analytics, and provide better service to customers around the world. Wallbox’s compact residential charging system Pulsar Plus uses Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and Amazon Graviton2 to provide scalable and cost-effective computing power to support software development, reducing overall IT costs by 70%. Through Amazon Kinesis, a service that collects, processes and analyzes real-time data streams, Wallbox collects data and monitors the status of its public and residential electric vehicle charging stations in 113 countries and regions, and analyzes the data to gain data insights to adjust and Optimize relevant settings for faster and more efficient charging. In addition, Wallbox will use Amazon Cloud Technology's machine learning services in factories in China, Europe, and North America to identify potential mechanical failures, avoid downtime, and gain insights from unexpected changes in sales patterns or user usage to inform production forecasts. information, improve capacity planning, and make critical business decisions.

"The proliferation of electric vehicles will play a key role in our transition to a future powered by renewable energy," said Enric Asunción, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox. "Amazon cloud technology provides us with the foundation to develop and deliver smart charging globally. The underlying infrastructure required for facilities and energy management solutions allows us to open up new ways to realize the two-way flow of electricity. We and Amazon Cloud Technology also adhere to the concept of customer first, hoping to change the way the world acquires, uses and shares energy ."

"Wallbox is a model of 'reverse working method'. Starting from customer needs, it makes consumers' electric vehicle charging experience easier." said Tanuja Randery, general manager of Amazon Cloud Technology Europe, Middle East and Africa, "as electric vehicle charging continues to grow. With the rapid development of the world, Amazon Cloud Technology is providing Wallbox with the insights and predictive capabilities needed to expand its business. Using Amazon Cloud Technology's rich service portfolio, Wallbox can continue to innovate smart charging solutions and help the world achieve a sustainable future. "