NorComp, located in Charlotte North Carolina, is a leader in the design, worldwide manufacture, and marketing of I/O interconnect products, such as Circular Connectors, D-Subminiature, d-sub connectors, d-sub backshells & hoods, USB 2.0 / 3.0 connectors, POWER-D / Combo-D Mixed connectors, d-sub hardware & accessories, 2 MM headers, sockets, receptacles, plugs, adapters, gender changers, & more. NorComp offers a wide range of premium machined, rugged, high reliability connectors for military, industrial, medical and computer markets. With key brands such as SEAL-D (IP67 Waterproof, IP66 water resistant d-sub, POWER-D mixed connectors), M-SERIES (high reliable robust machined connectors), MICRO-D (micro miniature d sub connectors), and ARMOR (Ruggedized die cast metal backshell systems), NorComp has what you need for the most challenging design applications.